15th July 2018

The new adage: location, employment and power

In the middle of a technological revolution everything we know about property is changing and right at its heart is logistics. Industry experts examine the challenges – and possible solutions – in the roundtable we sponsored with Logistics Manager.

Traditional norms are being turned on their head and the most traditional and indeed – what many would consider – the most conservative sector of the British economy is right at the heart of it: logistics. Everything is up in the air and no one really knows where the pieces will land – all that they do know is that the change in the sector is happening fast and old attitudes will have to change equally fast.

Christian Matthews, director at db symmetry says: “In our experience the old adage location, location, location should be replaced by location, power and employment. In terms of how we assess the new sites we look at, where we decide to go, which sites we want to invest in – while location is still the key driver, as it is for everyone, the other elements of power and employment are becoming increasingly important.”

Click here to read what guests had to say at the Logistics Manager roundtable.

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