7th January 2021

Logistics property white paper: net zero building in action

Tritax Big Box REIT has partnered with Prologis UK to produce a series of white papers on net zero carbon construction. The report provides relatable, actionable and transparent examples for other logistics property developers to incorporate into their own sustainability agendas.

As logistics property developers, with a commitment to support the delivery of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), both Prologis UK and Tritax Big Box REIT have been taking action independently to reduce their carbon footprints. Through a process of innovation spanning more than a decade, each has found a way to create net zero carbon logistics buildings that is in line with guidance published by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) in 2019, and meets the needs of customers and society.




The first of four white papers, this first report addresses:

  • Net zero construction: where are we now?
  • The importance of understanding embodied carbon
  • Net zero building in action: a framework for delivery
  • Prologis: Pathway to net zero
  • Tritax Big Box REIT: pathway to net zero
  • Setting the net zero carbon agenda.

Jason Longhurst, Chairman and Chief Executive, UK Business Council for Sustainable Development, commented: “The UK construction sector as a whole must find a common language and raise understanding of what net zero carbon development really means. As this report demonstrates, the private sector is taking action but ultimately planners and policy makers will need to follow their lead. By publishing examples of best practice and useful industry guidance, Prologis UK and Tritax Big Box REIT are setting the net zero carbon agenda for the logistics sector.”

For the full report click here.

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