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Maximising the most value
from your land

When the sale of land for development is mentioned, it is common for Landowners to think of housing development due to the high demand and corresponding high prices that Developers are willing to pay for suitable sites. However, for those with land in proximity to major roads, cities, towns, or existing commercial development, there is another potential avenue for development: industrial and logistics buildings.

Travelling along motorways in the UK, the number of industrial and logistics buildings has increased significantly. These buildings have seen a surge in demand mainly due to the growth of ecommerce, driven by the likes of Amazon and DHL – key clients of ours – which allows consumers to have a wide range of items delivered directly to their homes or workplaces typically within 48 hours.

This consumer demand increases the need for retailers, manufacturers, and other business to increase capacity and optimise their built assets. This in turn passes onto Developers like us who consistently require access to suitable land in strategic locations for the construction of distribution centers and logistics parks.

While selling land to a Developer can be financially rewarding, it is essential to thoroughly research and seek professional guidance to ensure the best possible outcome for you. The value of land varies significantly based on planning status and location. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully choose the right partner to work with to maximise its value and your return.

Factors to consider when
valuing your land


Work with impartial advisers

To safeguard your interests and achieve a mutually beneficial result, we strongly advise to consult with experienced professionals such as solicitors, land agents, and accountants. Obtaining recommendations through personal connections and speaking with past clients can be useful in finding reliable advisors. In some cases, your development partner may cover the fees for these advisers as part of the agreement. Seeking comprehensive guidance can help avoid costly errors. We can recommend independent advisors to you if needed.


Gather the facts

The more you understand about the planning process, the value of your land, and the potential benefits and drawbacks of different options, the better equipped you will be to make an informed decision. The value of land is often tied to its potential for development as determined by planning permission. Land without planning permission is typically less valuable to Developers than land that has undergone the planning process.


Reputation matters

The most important factor in selecting which Developer to work with is their track record in successfully navigating the planning process for development projects. Choose a Developer or property company with a reputation for delivering high-quality sites and who has an excellent reputation with planners and other key stakeholders. It may be beneficial to request information on their past projects and success rate, as well as speak with local planning officials or landowners who have previously worked with the company.


Consider the effects on your
current holdings and relationships

If the land is local to you, it is important to consider the potential impact of development on your remaining holdings and relationships. The development process may take several years, and it may not be possible to reverse your decision once the project is underway.

Some partners may no longer be involved with the site after the construction and sale of buildings, so it is essential to understand the potential effects on your land, surrounding infrastructure and your legacy.


Consider all options

The decision of whether to sell land without planning permission or to pursue, say an Option Agreement as part of a long-term financial strategy, depends on various factors, including your personal circumstances and ownership structure. We advise consulting with legal and financial professionals to ensure that your long-term interests and those of any partners or dependents are safeguarded before deciding.

How we work with you


Tailor an agreement

The first stage involves entering into an Agreement with a Developer or Promoter, which gives them the right to purchase the land at an agreed price mechanism within a certain timeframe. The Agreement can take one of many forms but the most common are: Option Agreements, Promotion Agreements, Land sale with or without uplift (overage) or a Joint Venture. Each have their nuances and we can discuss these to determine which best suits individual circumstances. The detail of the next stages will be determined by which route is taken but most involve the following.


Promotion of land

The process of promoting land can be a lengthy and complex one so a clear understanding of each parties’ priorities is important. Setting these out on day one and establishing a reporting routine sets the relationship off on a good footing. The Local Plan is a document created by the local council that sets out the strategic planning policies for the area, the objective for the site being to be ‘allocated’ for employment land in the Local Plan. An allocation greatly increases the likelihood of securing planning permission, providing a clear framework for decision-making and ensures that the development is in line with the wider strategic objectives for the area.


Technical design and submission
of planning application

Here we prepare detailed plans and reports that outline the proposed development and how it will fit into the surrounding area. It is important to ensure that all the information is accurate and complies with the relevant regulations and guidelines before submitting it to the Local Planning Authority for approval. This is a time-consuming process, as the authority will need to consult with other stakeholders before deciding. However, obtaining planning permission is essential to create the uplift in value and for the development to proceed, so it is important to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to secure approval.


Achieve planning permission

Achieving planning permission is a crucial milestone but one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Over the last 5 years we have been successful in securing planning permission for over 15m sq ft of development with a 100% success rate. Even if the site is allocated in the Local Plan for employment, success at planning committee is by no means a certainty.


Price notice / drawdown

When a Developer is buying land that has planning permission there are two important final steps, the Price Notice, and the land drawdown process. The detail will be dependent on the form of Agreement but broadly the Price Notice sets out the purchase price of the land and how it is calculated. Once the price has been agreed, the land drawdown process can begin.

Leaving a legacy behind
at Biggleswade

Simon Tunnard's family had an 100 year legacy with their farm in Biggleswade but were under pressure financially.

Concerns around his local reputation were carefully managed by building relationships with local and county councillors.

Planning permission achieved in 8 months with pre-let secured shortly afterwards with Co-Op for large distribution centre.

Simon Tunnard's family legacy in the small market town of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, goes back over 100 years with a 300 acre arable farm whose produce was sold around the region and on the family stall in Covent Garden, London.

As market conditions toughened in the 2000’s, with high street retailers pricing pressures, stifling his efforts to maintain profits and when attempts at diversification didn’t catch, he started to re-evaluate his land options. Knowing Biggleswade is less than an hour away from London and noticing the growth in the logistics sector, development was a consideration.

Naturally, he had concerns around whether planning would be granted, how he would secure a fair deal for his land and even how is neighbours would perceive his plans.

We were approached to bid and present our approach and plans to Simon and his land agent. Simon decided not to go for the highest price offered, recognising that track record, reputation and people are what deliver a project of this scale. Consequently, we’re now developing Phase 3, consisting of another 3 units to be complete in 2024.

After meeting several Developers, Tom and the team at Tritax Symmetry stood out as the firm that understood me, and what I wanted to achieve with my family’s legacy and what I want to do next.

2017: Phase 1

  • 50 acres purchase and planning achieved in 8 months
  • Pre-Let agreed with CoOp, completed February 2020
  • 1,200 jobs created

2022: Phase 2

  • 45 acres optioned, planning achieved in 6 months November 2020
  • 4 units speculatively built and let December 2022

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